Globally decommissioning programs of offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines – oil in water.

Owners of oil and gas installations and pipelines are often required to decommission their offshore infrastructure at the end of a field’s economic life. A decommissioning must identify all the items of equipment, infrastructure and materials that have been installed and that includes for example tanks, pipes etc.

Before the tank, pipes can be decommissioned and reused, will it need to be clean of example oil and for control of the cleaning is our UVF-500D often used.

With the UVF-500D and it’s accessories, can real time analyzes of the cleaning water be done, to both determine the amount of oil in the tanks, pipes plus also to too verify the content of oil in the cleaning water. This save time for sending the samples to a laboratory as it all can be done on site and in real time.

We have done a little article about the topic and be welcome to contact us for further information regarding to any oil in water or soil application.

Platform Holly, Coal Oil Point in Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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