Globally decommissioning programs of offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines – oil in water.

Owners of oil and gas installations and pipelines are often required to decommission their offshore infrastructure at the end of a field’s economic life.  Testing and removing the oil and oily water during the cleaning process must be performed to protect the environment.  Platform Holly, off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, is one such example.  This and a network of other oil platforms were permanently closed down after the 2015 pipeline spill at Refugio State Beach.

A contractor is using the UVF-500D to test oil in water on-site for plugging and abandonment operations. These huge structures contain miles of pipe, which must be cleaned out to remove any residual oils.  The California State Lands Commission requires the water to be tested and treated prior to disposal.

With the UVF-500D and it’s accessories, monitoring oil in water in real time can help verify when the water is clean.  This saves time and money compared to sending samples offsite to a fixed based laboratory where results can take days or weeks to complete.

Platform Holly, Coal Oil Point in Santa Barbara, CA, USA