TESTING CRUDE OIL IN WATER USING UVF-500D HYDROCARBON ANALYZER This study was performed to compare accuracy and precision testing oil in water samples using our handheldUVF-500D hydrocarbon analyzer. Let us know what you think….

Globally decommissioning programs of offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines – oil in water.

Owners of oil and gas installations and pipelines are often required to decommission their offshore infrastructure at the end of a field’s economic life.  Testing and removing the oil and oily water during the cleaning process must be performed to protect the environment.  Platform Holly, off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, is one such … Read more

Environmental remediation projects – oil in soil.

Cleaning up soils contaminated by petroleum spills is a common problem all over the world.  One of the largest remediation projects is under way in Kuwait.  This photo from the U.S. Space Shuttle, shows oil wells set on fire along the Persian Gulf in June 1991.  Hundreds of wells burned, some up to ten months.  … Read more

New product arrived!

Today is a groundbreaking day for Obstitech as we have got delivered the first batch of the handheld oil in water analyzer UVF-500D.Our partner Steve Greason at SiteLab have been running the full scale QA tests of all instruments and all are shown to perform perfect and fully as specified.So meaning that we very soon … Read more