New product arrived!

Today is a groundbreaking day for Obstitech as we have got delivered the first batch of the handheld oil in water analyzer UVF-500D.
Our partner Steve Greason at SiteLab have been running the full scale QA tests of all instruments and all are shown to perform perfect and fully as specified.
So meaning that we very soon are ready to launch the instruments on the global marked.

3 thoughts on “New product arrived!”

  1. Dear Mr. Peter Jakobsen, CEO/Head of Sales, CC : Pam Mayerfeld

    We have received your e-mail regarding Model UVF-500D Oil in water analyzer.

    we are aware of our people have been studying TD-500 Oil in Water Analysis for many different measurements such as analysis of water, soil, sediment and other applications for gasoline range hydrocarbon, EDRO, PAHS, TPH Oil, Oil Forensics, TPH Fingerprinting , Oil on Metal for GRO Applications ranged C6 to C10 and Gasoline, Kerosene, Fuel oils, Gas Condensates, UST removals, Remediation, Groundwater Monitoring, Benzene plus and other Light-Refined Petroleum Contaminants. we are looking forward to your favorable asistant, we are.

    M.J. Lee

    CC : Pam Mayerfeld Turner Designs

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