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TD-500D/TD-500/UVF-500D Instrument Inspection & Calibration.

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TD-500D/TD-500/UVF-500D Analyzer Inspection & Calibration using oil from your site.

This option is recommended for oil in water analysis when the source oil is available to calibrate.

Includes analyzer inspection, calibration and perform quality control tests.

Part 1:

● Service includes inspection and condition of instrument, including battery compartment, sample well and keypad functions.
● Inspection and condition of cuvette adapter, glass cuvette, Checkpoint solid standard or Sitelab 100 ppm TPH solid standard, if available.
● Perform cleaning of instrument and components, if necessary.
● Record analyzer’s calibration diagnostic (DIAG) values and standard (STD) values for Channels A and B.
● Perform quality control tests using solvent blanks and Sitelab standards to check repeatability and response. Analyzer is not recalibrated.

Part 2:

● Calibrate analyzer on Channel A or B using your oil sample provided with instrument. Oil sample should be provided in a small glass vial (40 mL VOA vial) with shipment.
● Analyzer calibrated to concentration desired by customer or at a concentration recommended by Sitelab. The oil is extracted and diluted in solvent at different concentrations and tested to determine which concentration is most suitable and what the minimum detection limit is.
● Record analyzer’s new Oil STD value an DIAG values of blank and standard, including performance acceptance criteria.
● Sitelab 100 ppm TPH standard measured on analyzer to compare response for quality control.
● Oil standard used for calibration not included. Contact OBSTITECH ApS for pricing of custom made calibration products.

Report to be provided summarizing work performed.

No repair cost are included in the inspection!

To proceed, please provide analyzer serial number located on the back of the instrument, required to
issue RMA number for service. Include the cuvette adapter and CheckPOINT solid standard, if available,
with the instrument.

NOTE: Additional shipping return cost will be added to the service price!


Shipping Instructions:

Contact Obstitech and describe what problems you are having with your analyzer, schedule service and receive an RMA number for your order. Customer is responsible for shipping costs to Sitelab (Our laboratory and repair facility – USA). A price quotation will be provided with shipping charges for shipping the analyzer back to you.

● Pack the instrument using the original box provided with the UVF-500D or use your own box and protect the analyzer with bubble wrap. Include the batteries, either installed or uninstalled.
● Include any solid standards, cuvette adapters and cuvettes used with the analyzer, if available.
● Label the airway bill and box with the RMA number provided with your order.
● Include your shipping address and contact information for returning the instrument.
● If oil sample is included, wrap the sample vial in bubble wrap for protection and place in separate container or resealable bag to help protect from leakage. Contact Sitelab for questions or if further instructions are needed.