High Precision Digital Micro Pipette

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High Precision Digital Micro Pipette

To support the UVF-500D do we recommend to use only high quality labware.

With an air displacement system, the air cushion separates the liquid in the plastic tip from the piston inside the pipette.

Like any gas, the air cushion between the piston and liquids interacts according to the characteristics of liquids (dense, viscous, surfactant, volatile) as well as
partly by lab or protocol condition (temperature variation, humidity).

Therefore the accuracy (systematic error) and precision (random error) of the air displacement pipette
correlate directly to the variation in the volume of the air cushion and the liquid’s physical properties.

With a positive displacement pipette, there is no piston in the pipette but in the disposable capillary,
directly in contact with the sample.

The depression created when the piston comes back up (push button released) enables liquids to be aspirated.

Thus, this aspiration force remains constant and unaffected by the characteristics of problem liquids.

The High Precision Digital Micro Pipette P/N 90300-300 is also part of the UVF-500D Starter Kit P/N 90300.

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