UVF-500D Starter Kit

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UVF-500D Starter Kit.

The UVF-500D Starter Kit include the main parts you need to operate a UVF-500D.
All parts in the kit are selected based on many years of field experience and are all are of high quality.
The kit includes a watertight carrying case where the main parts can be stored until and in between use.
The carrying case have space for a UVF-500D and the TPH 100 ppm Solid Standard.

It is highly recommended to add this kit to the purchase of a UVF-500D as it can support in getting the best out of the UVF-500D instrument.

Note that the UVF-500D is not included in this kit!

The UVF-500D Starter Kit includes:

Description Qty
High precision Digital Micro Pipette 1
Pipette Tips 20
8 mm Cuvettes 20
Solvent Resistant Dispenser Bottle 1
Box of Tissue Wipes 1
Foam Sample Rack 1
Water Tight Carrying Case including various materials for support the use of the UVF-500D  1

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