Solvent Resistant Dispenser Bottle

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Solvent Resistant Dispenser Bottle

Our selected Solvent Resistant Dispenser Bottles have a special lining to withstand the most chemicals used together with the UVF-500D.

These phthalate-free bottles offer excellent chemical resistance and are molded entirely of high-quality material. The precision-molded tip provides a straight, steady stream and ultimate control without sputtering.

  • Demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to nearly any chemical in your lab including solvents — won’t become brittle or crack
  • Inert construction is low in extractables and low binding — useful for trace element work
  • Tip can be cut back to provide increased flow
  • Tight fit of draw tube and closure prevents separation when squeezing bottle
  • Transparent

The Solvent Resistant Dispenser Bottle P/N 90300-300 is also part of the UVF-500D Starter Kit P/N 90300.