Soil Accessory Kit

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Soil Accessory Kit

Used with UVF-500D Starter Kit, Part No. 90300 and Soil Extraction Kit, Part No. EXTR010-20 for handling and weighing soils, sediments and other samples.

The 3 parts together with the UVF-500D. Part No. 90200 make it easy to make soils, sediments and other samples.

The Soil Accessory Kit includes:

Description Qty
High quality, rugged handheld digital scale with 0.1 gram capacity. Includes 2 AAA Batteries. Weighs up to 120 grams. 1
Stainless steel spatulas for mixing and scooping samples. 2
Protective rubber nitrile gloves 1
Metal shaker can for extracting of up to 5 samples at once. 1
Soil extraction jars – Use with Part No. EXTR010-20 5

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